Scrapbook Basics

This area is for those frequently asked questions about scrapbooking for beginners and restarters!

In every scrapbook group I have been in, the topic of scraps comes up. Do you save them and how? Some admit tossing them. For me, I use them for borders, punches, cards, die cuts (especially the die cut kit club) and lettering or other machine cuts.

After each session, I trim the scraps of any jagged pieces and put them in a drawer in my cart. Then, as the drawer fills up, I sort them into color piles and file them in my plastic bins. The goal is to shop the scraps first when creating my embellishments.

Another popular question is how do you sort and store your paper? For me, I love these Totally Tiffany boxes. I sort the paper by color for the solids. For the prints, I sort by dominate color for non theme papers. The rest by theme. The papers in the envelopes are for future die cut kits.

I completely love my die cut storage. Before, I had them in plastic “suitcases” but they were hard to get out and clean up. I often bought duplicates. Now, I have them in these StampNStore cases. They are sturdy, see through and come with the durable magnetic chipboard. I simply flip through to find the one I need. Clean up is a breeze too!


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